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If you are a parent who encourages their child to play outside, good for you. Children need to be outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine! But your child may not be happy about being dragged away from a favorite TV show or video game. When they ask for ideas about what they should do outside, be prepared with some good answers.

Things for your child to do outdoors

(this list includes some activities to do alone and some with friends)

  1. Jump rope
  2. Skip
  3. Do carwheels
  4. Find different types of leaves and then identify them later
  5. Build a stick fort
  6. Dig a home and bury something (maybe a time capsule?)
  7. Wash the car
  8. Draw a picture on paper
  9. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  10. Find beautiful rocks
  11. Make a lemonade stand
  12. Close your eyes and try to identify 10 sounds
  13. Write a story or poem about what you see
  14. Spot shapes in the clouds
  15. Sit and do nothing at all
  16. Play catch with a friend or by yourself by bouncing the ball off the house
  17. Play games (ie hopscotch, tag, kick the can, kickball )
  18. Have a water balloon fight
  19. Have a scavenger hunt
  20. Play Charades

Do you have other ideas? Please share in the comment section below!


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