shopping apps for 2018

Shopping used to be hard work. Not so much anymore. Check out these great apps that will make shopping in 2018 easier than ever. You will save both time and money (YAY!).

So, who’s got the hottest shopping apps for next year?

Hot Shopping Apps for 2018

Dosh – Dosh just launched a public beta test of their app for Android and IOS. This new app offers cash back without a lot of the hassle. How do they do it? Dosh offers cash-back when a user connects their credit or debit card account. Automation does the rest. Whenever a purchase is made, Dosh hunts for promo codes and discounts.Those discounts are automatically applied to a purchase and cash comes back to a Dosh wallet account. That cash back adds up fast and the money can be transferred back into a bank account, donated to a charity or sent to PayPal.

Dosh offers all the benefits of a smart cash-friendly mobile app with no UPC or promo codes, no holding a line up while searching for a paper coupon, and certainly no mail-in rebates for this app.

Setting up a Dosh account is so easy. It’s free on the App Store and on Google Play. Then scan in a credit card — no typing in the number. In addition to shopping, the app looks for deals for car rentals and hotels, searching the web until it secures the best price. The website suggests an altruistic bent for the app, stating, “Every day, Dosh is working hard to disrupt industries where money is wasted or middlemen take too big a cut.”

No matter why the app was built, Dosh is sure to make a dent in consumer spending in 2018.

Dealspotr– Dealspotr has a great web app that infuses social sharing with promo codes. It’s like nothing else out there — and it has more validated promo codes than anything else on the web today.

Dealspotr works when consumers sign up. The goal is for the user to not only search for promo codes, but to interact with other users all focused on saving money. This web app does a nice job offering customers validated, working promo codes and we all know how annoying an expired code can be at checkout.

The goal of the web app is to save users time by increasing the money they keep in their pockets every year. Membership is free and users have their own Pinterest-like board with a newsfeed that tailors deals to their shopping habits. Users can follow brands and “like” promo code deals as part of a personalized, interactive process.

This web app helps the consumer shop smarter and earn more cash back. It’s an intuitive way to improve shopping habits in 2018.

Shopular- Shopular is going to be popular in 2018. This app for Android or iOS uses machine learning algorithms and geo-location to impact shopping every time someone walks into a store. Instead of receiving a ton of useless coupons for shopping trips that never happen, Shopular searches for the coupons needed for the store you’re walking into, and then sends them to you. Think about that for a second. No more scrolling the phone in the check out line. This app tracks where the shopping is happening and sends the consumer exactly what they need at exactly the right time. Isn’t that the smartest thing?

The user can filter coupons in all kinds of ways, too, redeeming the coupons needed by simply pulling it up on a cellphone. Shopular also tracks user trends so that when a frequently visited store is having a sale, this app lets the consumer know about it. Shopular is truly leading a digitally-intelligent shopping revolution, which makes this app a top choice for 2018.

BuyVia– BuyVia is a comparison app for iOS and Android. The app rolls everything under one umbrella; deal searching, price comparisons, and alerts on deals. The site leads with a top ten list of daily deals; what’s not to like about that?

Consumers can scan QR and barcodes to look up pricing, or see consumer reviews. BuyVia can also alert users of recent price drops, which is particularly helpful around the holidays. Set up a watch list and never settle for a higher price again.

Gilt- Users won’t feel any guilt for shopping for high-end items on Gilt next year. We predict this app is going to explode in 2018 because it lets the consumer take advantage of big deals on luxury items like shoes, jewelry, and purses. The app, on iOS and Android, is simple to use and it offers deals not available to the average consumer on some of the biggest names in fashion. The user will find limited edition offers, short-term inventory sales, and the deals change every single day. The user also can use their mobile-only deals as well as receiving alerts when tracked brands reduce prices. Gilt lets the dollar-hungry consumer grab the top designer labels at prices up to 70% off. Now, that’s a score for 2018.

Final Word on Apps for 2018?

These are all must-have apps designed to do a little bit of everything — stretch consumer spending to the maximum, while adding to cash back rewards, and improving outdated wardrobes with high fashion purchases.

As consumers are making their New Year’s Resolutions to shop smarter, start right now by downloading these apps and get ready to save big in 2018.





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