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“This year I’ll do it right”

I’m certainly going to try anyway. I usually feel like it’s a miracle when my kids get to school on time. With all that’s involved with getting them dressed, fed and organized, my house is chaos in the morning. But I hear the hours before school doesn’t have to be a mad dash. Here are some back to school tips for less chaotic mornings from other, seemingly more organized moms.  I plan to put into effect for the 2019-2020 school year – wish me luck!

1. Keep shoes and jackets in one place

Choose a spot where shoes and jackets always live, perhaps next to the front door. Doing so will help avoid tearing around the house frantically looking for them. If you only pick one of these tips to follow, choose this one. Looking for shoes and outerwear is a big time waster for most of us.

2. Lay school clothes out the night before.

Set out your child’s clothes next to his bed, including pants and socks the night before. This way you wont be caught unaware if you need to do laundry. Lay out your own clothes too – one less thing to think about.

3. Enforce Reasonable bedtimes

Sometimes getting your child to bed on time is easier said than done, but you’ll be glad in the morning when you see how much easier it is to get them up and moving. If your child goes to bed late, she’s likely to wake up groggy and in a bad mood.

4. Become efficient about lunch

If it’s a possibility, let them buy it. If, by making lunch, you are looking to save money and have more control over what your child eats, do so when you are already in the kitchen. A good time to make a sandwich the night before is when you put the water on the stove to boil for the pasta. Even better, teach your kids to make their own lunches with your supervision at first.

5. Find and sign forms as soon as your child brings them home

Don’t wait until the last minute – you may put a form aside to take care of later and then forget.

6. Give your calendar a once-over at the beginning of the school week

Looking ahead to the week gives a general feel for the schedule, both yours and your child’s. Anticipate what you can do and where you might need help to avoid last minute panic when you realize at the last minute your child needs a rid to an after school activity when you need to be at work.

Do you have other back to school tips that make your life easier in the mornings? Please share in the comments below!


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