HOLY COW, it’s already time to get the kids prepared to go back to school! I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready. I love the longer days of summer with fewer activities and no homework.

It’s only mid-July and yet I am stressed about the new school year. I forgot to send my order for the school supply pack to the PTA, and I heard the local stores are pretty cleaned out already. The tutor who helped my daughter in math last year is already booked for the fall. My son outgrew the pants and shoes I bought six months ago and refuses to go shopping with me. I am overwhelmed by the creative back-to-school teacher gift ideas people post on Pinterest that I don’t have time to make.

As a working mom, I am usually proud of my ability to juggle. That being said, preparing my children to return to the classroom is a particularly busy and stressful time for me (and them!). I have a few strategies that help me cope with the dreaded back-to-school craziness which might help you as well.

5 Coping Strategies for Back-To-School Craziness

1. Order School Supplies is a great resource for the items on your list already sold out in stores. You will avoid some aggravation and save time by shipping the supplies to your home. Again, plan early to allow for shipping.

2. Fill out forms signed and delivered as soon as you get them. I don’t know why school require so much paperwork, but taking care of the forms quickly will help avoid administrative hassles later.

3. Don’t wait until the last minute to get school physicals. Doctors offices are busy this time of year with parents vying for appointments for physicals, immunizations and flu shots. Plan early and book your doctor visit well in advance.

4. Set your kids bedtimes back to “school-time” at least a week before the first day. Trust me, life will go more smoothly if you ease them back into school-mode slowly. You want them to already be on a schedule before the first day to help them be well rested and ready to take on the new school year.

5. Take the kids to pick out a lunchbox. Encourage healthy eating and save money at the same time. Make the lunches together and eventually let them take over altogether.




These strategies help free up some time for me to simply hang out with my kids before school starts.With all the stress I feel, I try to remember children get anxious about the new school year too.I try to be especially loving and provide opportunities for them to share their feelings.

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