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Looking for educational toys for your toddler? Join the club. It’s hard to wade through the many options in stores and online. Below are my picks for the most helpful educational toys. They are favorites of my kids.


My 5 Top Picks for  Helpful Educational Toys

Now, what are the best educational toys for kids and toddlers? We’ve got a list of product reviews for you. Read on…

1. Mirari Pop! Pop! Piano Toy  $25.00

Mirari Pop! Pop! Piano

The Mirari Pop! Pop! Piano toy helps your child to learn about music and sounds and encourages the development of motor skills. The toy has six keys connected to six tubes. A delightful star pops up when the keys are pressed. It features 2 sound modes; musical notes and silly sounds.The keys are large which allows kids to easily make music. The Pop! Pop! Piano toy is geared toward children aged 12 months and older.


2. ALEX Jr. My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube $50.00

Mr Busy Town Activity CubeThis activity cube, measuring 16 x 12 x 12 inches,  features five types of games to stimulate your child aged one year and older. Games include animal matching, ABC tiles, curvy bead mazes, racing car rollers, and peak-a-boo open and close doors.This item is a multi-purpose educational toy which entertains toddlers for hours and enhances imaginative skills, creativity, logical skills and critical thinking.


3. VTech Musical Rhymes Book  $12.00

VTech musical rhymes book

The VTech® Musical Rhymes book encourages reading readiness and brain growth through rhymes and music for children aged 6-36 months. The book is colorful and interactive, made to withstand the rough play of toddlers. Big easy-to-turn pages provide more than 40 songs, melodies, sounds and phrases to entertain your child for many hours. Five colorful piano buttons make sounds and introduce both colors and instruments. This VTech®  book offers 2 modes of play; the music mode and learning mode.


4.   VTech®  Disney Doc McStuffins Discover and Learn Big Book of Boo-Boos  $25.00

VTech-Disney McStuffins Discover and Learn Big Book of Boo Boos


The  VTech® Disney Doc McStuffins Discover and Learn Big Book of Boo-Boos offers more than 40 fun songs and 15 melodies across 10 interactive pages. Touch the pages to learn words, beginning letters, health tips and listen to music and sounds with Doc and her friends.Choose Word Explorer, and touch the pages to learn 40 words with fun sounds and pictures. Letter Fun teaches the first letter of words.With the Check-up game button, play a quiz game that reinforces letter, word and object recognition.This toy is best for children ages 2-5.


5. Melissa & Doug Numbers Sound Puzzle

Melissa and doug sound puzzle

The Melissa and Doug Numbers Sound Puzzle is a simple and straightfoward puzzle toy that helps kids hone their numerical learning, matching skills, cause and effect principle, and hand-to-eye coordination. The toy has 21 wooden pieces. Kids can “hear the numbers” with this light activated puzzle which contains full-color pictures underneath each number. This interactive puzzle game is best for kids aged 3 and older.

Why Purchase Educational Toys?

Educational toys:

-promote sense of recognition.

-help raise smart kids.

-aid in the development of your child’s personality.

-boost your child’s confidence.


Lots of great toys are available that will address your kids’ mental, physical, social and emotional needs – what are your childrens’ favorites?

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