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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and I love the idea of giving mom this chocolate Valentine’s Day bouquet. This cool gift idea is one kids can do with minimal parental involvement. Real flowers are great, but chocolate flowers are BETTER if mom is a chocoholic!


Here’s how to make an edible chocolate flower arrangement:


DOVE ® Dark Chocolate PROMISES ® in assorted flavors
green paint
bamboo skewers
colorful cardstock
double-sided tape
hot glue gun
floral arranging foam
vase (preferably opaque)

Start by painting the bamboo skewers green. You can also buy pre-painted green skewers in the floral section of any major craft store if you prefer

Cut some flower shapes out of colorful, heavy cardstock. You can trace around a flower cookie cutter or find some free clipart online to use as a template. Freehand works too.

The cardstock needs to be sturdy for this project because these paper flowers are going to provide the support for the chocolate petals. Construction paper won’t work.

Glue the bamboo sticks to the back of the flowers. Use masking tape instead if you don’t want the kids to mess with glue. Keep in mind tape is not the best option because chocolate flowers are top heavy.

Apply double-sided tape to the paper flowers, and then simply stick your chocolate petals right on! Fast and easy.

Once the flowers are made, complete with chocolates, trim a piece of floral foam to fit inside a vase. Mason jars work well as they are heavy enough to provide stability, opaque and hide the floral foam.

Stick the flowers in the foam and add a few cardstock leaves, if you’d like.


Let us know if you try it!


Thanks Tikkido for the great idea!

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