mom guilt

I’ll admit it. I have mom guilt. Often.

I am able to easily come up with many reasons to beat myself up.  The following is a list of the top 10 reasons I feel mom guilt.

  1. Didn’t get outside to play on a beautiful day.
  2. Didn’t volunteer to be the room parent.
  3. Forgot class picture day.
  4. Won’t get them a dog.
  5. Skipped pages in the book I read my 2 year old thinking he wouldn’t notice and he did!
  6. Used TV as a babysitter
  7. Wore pj’s to pick up at carpool.
  8. Checked my texts instead of listening to the kids.
  9. Yelled when they didn’t actually do anything wrong.
  10. Forgot to leave money for the tooth fairy.

Lately I am trying to be more loving and supportive toward myself. No one judges my behavior as harshly than I judge myself. A happy mom makes for happy kids, right? None of us are perfect and that is OK as long as we do the best we can.

Unfortunately obligations do not magically disappear when we have kids and we don’t automatically lose our need for privacy. We still react to stress and sometimes take it out on others even though we know we shouldn’t. We still sometimes crave adult conversation and being a mom can feel isolating at times. Not being the “perfect” mom all the time will not harm the kids; it will let them know you are human which means you will sometimes disappoint them. Our job as a parent is to teach our children to learn to cope with life as best as we can because although there will be good times, there will be difficult times as well.

The bottom line is – a happy mom is a good mom. Take care of yourself so that you can take care of your kids. And let’s be supportive and non-judgemental to each other.



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