easter egg maracas

My kids love making noise (oops.. I mean music! :))

These Easter egg maracas are a fun project to make with the kids and even more fun to use later!

These easy-to-make music makers look like papier mache–but without all the mess.

What You’ll Need:

  1. hollow plastic eggs that come apart
  2. plastic spoons
  3. colored tape such as washi  or duct tape (or masking tape that can be painted later)
  4. popcorn kernels or rice


1. First, half fill the eggs with popcorn kernels or rice. Have your kids fill a number of plastic eggs with different amounts to hear how the sounds change.
2. Next, tape the spoons on either side of the egg with colored tape.Make sure the spoons are secure.
3. Be creative…wrap the tape around the rest of the egg and down the spoon handles to cover if you like.
4. Enjoy the maracas while singing your favorite Easter song!
No muss, no fuss. Love this activity! What is your favorite family Easter activity?

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