Valentine's Day Recipe

Adorable, easy and completely customizable. Did I mention delicious? Kids love fruit rollups!

If you are looking for a fun project to do with your children for Valentine’s Day, this one is perfect. You will all get a little sticky, but the end result makes it worthwhile. You could even make these for the kids to hand out in school (if the school allows). Write a special note and place in a small clear plastic bag tied with red ribbon for a unique valentine!



Fruit Roll-Up Fortune Cookies for Valentine's Day
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1 box of Fruit Roll-Ups (or make your own- see recipe )
Medium Circle Cookie Cutter
Parchment Paper
Fine Point Red Permanent Marker



  1. Circle cookie cutters work well to cut circles from the fruit roll-ups. Cut two circles from each roll-up removing scraps.
  2. Place two circles together directly on top of each other. Using two creates a sturdier fortune cookie.
  3. Cut thin rectangular strips from parchment paper (Don’t use regular paper, it will stick to the fruit roll-up).
  4. Using a red fine point permanent marker, write a message for each fortune cookie.
  5. Place a fortune in the upper half of each doubled fruit-roll-up circle.
  6. Fold up the bottom half of the fruit roll-up circles to meet the top – Gently  pinch the ends together so it will keep its shape.
  7. Keeping your pointer finger in the bottom center of the fruit-roll up, carefully fold the two ends down with your thumb and middle finger, allowing the ends to meet.





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