Most kids enjoy listening to music. Whether playing, singing along, dancing or just tapping a toe in time, music is FUN. If you child likes music, encourage and nurture their enthusiasm!

Fill your child’s life with as many melodies as you can. Play different radio stations in the car and sing along. Cook and clean to music. Make time to dance with your kids. Introduce them to favorite songs from your childhood. Buy musical instruments or fashion from household items and form a family band.Take the kids to a musical show.

Don’t forget to ask questions about the songs to get the kids thinking about their meaning. Help them become aware of the different types of music playing in different environments; how does the music differ in an elevator verses a supermarket verses a party? Ask if a particular type of music soothe or energize them?

Music is more than just enjoyable. Studies show that kids who are actively involved in  in some way:

1. Do better in reading
2. Learn coordination, concentration and cooperation
3. Builds reasoning skills and cognitive development
4. Increase their self-esteem
5. Strengthens listening skills

The bottom line: Expose your children to different genres, from classical to country. Kids are generally open to experiencing different kinds of music up until the third grade, so pack those early years with a wide variety of tunes. After grade four, kids usually start to prefer popular songs.

We’d love to hear from you – what music related activity do your kids enjoy?

Do you:
play soft music at bedtime?
Sing songs during playtime?
Make funny faces and gestures to keep your child engaged?
Bang on pots and pans with wooden utensils with your child?
Allow your child to choose the song?
Choose simple and cheerful songs with age appropriate language?






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