splatter paint clothes

I was ecstatic when clothing designs inspired by splatter paint came into style a few years ago.  The designs hid the messy spills and stains I often found on my clothing and those of my children, usually when somewhere that changing outfits was  impossible. I took full advantage of this design trend when my children were little for all of us.

splatter paintNow my children are a bit older, and it seems the splatter print is as popular as ever. I really thought the trend would pass quickly, but it is definitely still here. And I’m still buying it! We also now make some of our own! I love the carefree, casual and comfortable look – and I hope it’s hear to stay. It’s colorful, super fun and cute on everyone.


We can’t talk about splatter paint designs without bringing up splatter craft projects. 
So many good ones. Use the splatter technique to add leaves to trees. Cheer up an old pair of sneakers. Use splatter paint to . Keep in mind though that these projects are best done outside in old clothes. Use lots of bright bold colors and let your creativity go wild. Do you like to splatter paint with your kids? We’d love to hear from you!

splatter paint dresssplatter paint


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