fidget spinners

Fidget spinners became immensely popular seemingly overnight. We see them everywhere and retailers say they fly off the shelves.  Surely your kids know about this cool new trend. Why are these toys so popular all of a sudden? They’ve been used for years by therapists with children.

Let’s face it, they look fun. Some are personalized, others are multi-colored and almost look like an optical illusion on your fingertip. That being said, much debate is going on among parents and educators as to whether fidget spinners are good or bad for kids. Lets talk about the pros and cons and you decide.

 The Good:

1. Claim to Help Focus

Fidget spinners claim they help ADD and ADHD kids to better focus in the classroom. Not much research is available to support this claim, but many parents agree these gadgets help their fidgety child focus.

2. Entertain without Electronics

Anything that keeps your kids off electronics can’t be all bad. Kids spend time outside to attempt tricks with these little gadgets.

3. Promote Creativity and Imagination

The fidget spinner optical illusion effect keeps kids interested.  With the multicolored version, lots of youngsters work to master tricks to see the result when different colors combine. We love to see kids use the creative side of their brains!

The Bad:

1. Serve as a Distraction in Class

Many schools around the world ban fidget spinners. They claim these gadgets are toys, not therapeutic devices, and though helpful for some kids, the spinning action distracts other students.

2. Pricey

Some spinners are quite inexpensive, under $10.00, but the “rare, hard to find” ones can run into the hundreds of dollars. Unfortunately, these “special” spinners are the ones the children desire.

3. Potentially Harmful

A fast spinning gadget can go out of control and fly out of your child’s hand. I’ve seen cases where kids cracked a tooth or hit another kid in the face with the spinner.


Do your kids have fidget spinners? What’s your opinion – helpful or harmful? We’d love to hear from you!!

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