Father's Day


What does your dad like to do? Is he an outdoorsy kind of guy? Does he like sports? Does he prefer quiet activities indoors? Chances are, what your dad wants most on Father’s Day is to spend time with the family. It doesn’t have to be an expensive activity, and it doesn’t need to last all day. Spending an hour or two making him feel special is the best gift at all.

Here are some ideas – Pick one that you think dad will enjoy.

1. Enjoy the Outdoors Together

Find a hiking trail, go for a bike ride, or head to a local park to play on the swings. As long as you’re outside and spending time with Dad, he’ll be sure to have a great Father’s Day.

2. Read a Favorite Book Out Loud

If it is difficult to carve out one on one time with your dad, one easy way is to sit down and read a favorite book out loud.

3. Make Dad Breakfast in Bed

A simple breakfast like fruit and cereal are extra special when dad doesn’t have to make it! And being served in bed is always fun.

4. Head to the Bowling Alley

Bowling is an inexpensive activity, and one the whole family can enjoy together!

5. Play a Round or Two of Miniature Golf

Dad will love playing mini-golf with you, especially on a sunny day. Maybe you can buy him a shaved ice afterwards!


Let us know what you decide to do for Father’s Day. New ideas welcome!

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