gifted kids

I think the word “gifted” needs to be retired from parent conversations. What do you think?

When did “gifted” become the “it” label for our kids? I hear stories constantly from parents about children who were just tested or will be tested, children who were not recommended to be tested with parents who insist they should be, or troubled children who act out in various ways that are explained away with,”I think maybe he is just gifted”. Enough already.

All children are special in their own way and need to be encouraged and recognized for the things at which they excel. Those who are truly “gifted” intellectually need to be provided with opportunities to keep them stimulated, but also must to be encouraged to be humble and kind and to get along with others. Additionally, parents need to be aware this label might come with expectations that add pressures with which your child might have difficulty coping.

Some children do not test “gifted” but work very hard to get ahead in areas in which they excel, while some are labeled this way but do not apply themselves. A high IQ does not mean your child is better than others or will automatically be successful as an adult. Let’s focus on the emotional well being of our children, quietly take pride in their accomplishments whatever they may be, and be mindful of the specific needs of your individual child. Not everyone needs to know your child is gifted…or not.

Your thoughts?


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