Pee Wee Heels

Young parents today live child-centered lifestyles and want the best for their kids. They are inundated with information about new products on the market day and night. Some of these items are great, others not so much. Be Nice To Mommy found some interesting new products – we would love to hear your thoughts on them.

Pee Wee Pumps

Pee Wee Pumps based out of Greensburg, Pa., sells high heel infant crib shoes for babies zero to 6-months-old. According to the website, the “heels” are flexible, soft shoes that “will form to your daughter’s foot” and the adjustable strap helps keep the shoes in place. Some parents are outraged stating they believe this product sexualizes babies. Others feel it is simply an adorable photo prop intended to make you smile. What do you think?


photo from Pee Wee Pumps



Baby Bangs

I love bald babies. I love to rub their sweet little heads. Apparently, not everyone feels the way I do. Some parents would like their babies better If they weren’t so bald. These delicate hair bands from Baby Bangs with attached life-like hair change the look of your baby in an instant so people will no longer assume she is a boy. The idea is cute to play dress-up with an older sibling perhaps, but otherwise I am not a fan. Who cares what strangers think?


Photo from Baby Bangs



Designer Barf Bags

Wow – Really? Some things just can’t be prettied up and vomit is one of them. This product from Morning Chicness Bags primarily targets pregnant moms with morning sickness, but can be easily carried around for when your toddler needs to throw up. “It’s a thoughtful gift” says the website, Would you buy this item for a friend?


Photo from  Morning Chicness Bags




Baby Mops

baby mopNow we’ve seen it all. The Baby Mop, from Better Than Pants, is a onsie that cleans your floors. This product started as a joke and was even mentioned on Saturday Night Live, but then turned into a serious baby product. You can instill a good work ethic early in life and get your floors cleaned at the same time for free! What do you think?


Photo from Better Than Pants

Send us photos of the funny products you come across – We’d love to hear from you!

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