high-waisted pants

YES! High-waisted pants are back and better than ever! We haven’t seen them in stores since the 1990’s when Brooke Shields made the Calvin Klein pants popular.  Maybe you’ve seen them in thrift stores here and there.

Many of us think of high-waisted pants as “mom jeans”. However, they were once considered the height of style. I’m so glad they are back as I am tired of the “muffin-top”…the fleshy part of my lower torso that bulges over the low-rise pants I’ve worn the last few years. Not only is the muffin-top unflattering, but I am sick of the fear of bending over too much.

Pictures of high-risers are flooding my pinterest feed lately. They come in tight and loose styles, with straight legs and with bell bottoms. I am happy to be able to be back in style AND comfortable at the same time.

What do you think?


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