How do you describe motherhood? Sure, motherhood means you are raising children, but it’s so much more and often hard to put into words. Being a mom is a wonderful, beautiful and remarkable gift. It’s about unconditional love, joy and selflessness. But motherhood also can be defined by sleepless nights, extra worries and feeling overwhelmed. For me, anyway.

Some days are definitely easier than others. I regularly sacrifice my time, finances and sometimes my mental health to raise my kids. I just hope my kids survive my weaknesses and realize how much I love them. Like everyone else, I’m doing the best I can, and trying to live in the moment.

Being a mother, with all its challenges and rewards, shaped me into a person I never imagined I could become. I’ve learned so much in spite of my fears at the beginning. In my efforts to teach and model good behavior for my kids, I’m a better communicator, more patient and less judgemental. I learned to be assertive when I need to advocate and protect my kids, and to step back when needed to allow them to learn from their mistakes.I am an imperfect mother, but work hard to consider what’s best for my child,not for me, when making decisions. I am an imperfect mom, sometimes cranky and exhausted, but love motherhood and wouldn’t want to change a thing.




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