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Kids grow up and inspire new music

What have I been doing the last three years? Gathering inspiration for new material. When I produced Be Nice to Mommy Volume 1, I had twins in preschool and a first grader. Now my twin daughters are in third grade and my other daughter is in middle school.  We are no longer potty training or remembering to wash hands now. We moved on to homework, after school activities, monitoring screen time and mending broken limbs. The girls have lots of sleepovers and birthday parties. I watch with amazement as they form their own opinions and experience new emotions. It’s like having a second childhood!

As creativity is one of our family values, we take regular trips to drop-in art studios. We use our back stairway as a gallery to showcase their work. We turned the twin’s best creations into custom comforters thanks to and my oldest wallpapered her room with her artwork. They attended their third art camp this year at the local craft guild…the pieces they brought home are worthy of any art gallery!

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More time to pursue passions of my own

My kids are more independent now which allows me more time to pursue some of my additional passions. With a fancy camera, I learned to take quality photos, thanks to my friend, Mera Koh, the “Photo Mom”. I can now take portraits myself instead of paying someone else as I did in the past. I am healthier now due to a regular diet and exercise routine, which resulted in a substantial weight loss; the equivalent of giving birth to a fully grown 9-year-old. I continue to practice medicine and added an obesity board certification to my gastroenterology certification. Obesity is an epidemic in our country that I want to help eliminate. This work provides is extremely rewarding to me as a physician.

Our family traveled to the Caribbean, Central America and Africa over the last three years. I love being able to show the girls the world and to see it through their eyes. We are working on learning Spanish too!

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