If you do not vaccinate your children or use traditional medicine as a means to treat common children illnesses, this blog is probably not for you.

I like Mary Poppins, and a spoon full of sugar does make the medicine go down. In-the-most-delightful-way.

Medicine, Medicine
Tastes so good.
It makes to feel better like medicine should.

I am so thankful the pharmacy can add flavors to the medicines my children had to take for sinus infections, ear infections and strep throat. We are partial to bubblegum flavor. I am grateful my children’s over-the-counter allergy medicine comes in a variety of flavors to suit the pallet of all three of my daughters who have allergies, eczema and reactive airways.

It goes down smoothly and
Tastes so sweet
Its healing properties cannot be beat

My poor babies with atopic dermatitis were unable to soothe themselves to sleep when they were infants as they were itching all over. No amount of nursing, rocking or shushing would settle them until they received their medications. The allergy medication was taken orally, and the eczema medication topically.

Sometimes you wear it
Or in your mouth it goes
If you have allergies then
You spray it in your nose.

“Mommy why did you give me allergies?” my oldest twin asked after she blew her nose for the umpteenth time.
“Because grandma gave them to me.” I replied. And she did. I remember my mother getting allergy shots for severe environmental allergies. Like mother, like daughter.  I am now getting allergy shots, too.

Is it bad that I use my daughters as my little allergy “canaries.”?
When they rub their eyes and their noses start to run, I know I my symptoms will be worsening. I know then to increase my own medications.

Do you have trouble negotiating medicine with your kids? Our “Medicine” song might help – here’s a snippet:

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