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I don’t know about you, but I feel like having a baby is a lot of work and I’m not sure I want to add plants to the mix that also need care. I seem to be in the minority, though. The latest trend for nurseries in 2019 revolves around turning the baby’s room into a tranquil haven touched by nature. Of course, the plants need to be baby and mom friendly, which means both non-toxic and can survive poor maintenance if necessary. Choosing plants with air-purifying properties encourages a healthier environment and helps prevent asthma and other breathing conditions that are common these days with the increased pollution and microparticles we breathe in the air even at home. And lets not forget they must look lovely near a crib!

Here are our 5 top recommendations for cheery plants that fit the bill, even if your little one tries to nibble on them when you aren’t looking, and can usually be found easily in your local nursery.

Spider Plant

The spider plant really simple to maintain and you can forget it for a few days altogether with a clear conscience! You can also easily separate the roots and arrange it into different pots. Give some to other new mom’s to bring some greenery into their nurseries too!

Baby Rubber

This Florida and Mexico native plant thrives in indirect light and can bear some neglect when it comes to watering. Aww, it even has baby in the name! This plant starts out small but will grow alongside your child and eventually get pretty big. (Note: The Rubber plant, or ficus elastis, is poisonous – be sure to buy the BABY RUBBER plant which is NOT)


Wandering Jew

wandering jew

This may be the easiest houseplant you’ll ever own. It grows in any lighting and with almost any watering regimen. The soft pink-purplish leaves of the Meandering Jew will add a gentle, mysterious touch to the nursery decor. Since the plant tends to grow meandering like a grapevine, you can also create an entire themed decor wall in the same tones! This one is easy to propagate with clippings, so be ready to share some with your friends when they compliment your decor!

Boston Fern

boston fern

Need to fill a large corner in the nursery? The majority of ferns are actually toxic to children and pets, but the Boston fern is a perfect exception! It grows quite large, looks fabulous and is safe if ingested.  These puffy plants are interior classics for a reason, earning their popularity by being one of the easiest ferns to care for and maintain.


Jade Plant

jade plant, succulent


Jade plants are great succulents and can grow into large shrubs in a big container under the right conditions. Simple to care for, jade plants simply need a warm sunny position and a little water once or twice a week. A great bonus is that Jade plants are considered to be symbols of good luck and believed to bring you money!


Other baby-safe plants

  1. Begonia
  2. Donkey tail
  3. Fittonia
  4. Prayer plants
  5. Rabbit foot fern
  6. Rhipsalis
  7. Staghorn fern
  8. Swedish ivy
  9. Thanksgiving cactus
  10. Airplants
  11. Watermelon Peperomia


Plants really do brighten up the nursery – and if they are as easy to maintain as advertised, you might give it a try. Let us know how it goes!


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