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Not sure what to buy your loved one for Valentine’s Day? How about a gift that helps others? Present a beautiful gift that will not only make the recipient happy, but you as well knowing you are giving to others.

Below are our top gift ideas for your valentine that donate a portion of sales to charities.

1. Violet Wears – Powerful words celebrating females on cotton T-shirts share messages with the world. For each shirt purchased, another goes to a woman in a homeless shelter.

2. Bravely’s – Shirts and accessories that send  messages of hope, love, and courage. Bravely employs and empowers women recovering from sexual exploitation and addiction.

3. Health 2 Humanity – When you buy their natural, luxurious soap, you’re supporting its nonprofit arm, H2H Global, which uses the profits to set up soap businesses in third-world countries.

4 Giving Soaps – A soap and perfume company who uses only ingredients derived from some type of plant. Giving Soaps donates 20% of every purchase to Charity:Water, Feed My Starving Children and My Day Counts

5. Order a Madam Francis Mango Tree from where 20% of the purchase price helps educate Haitian women so they can better provide for their families.

6. Léon & George – Purchase a plant and coordinating pot and know your purchase equals one tree planted with the National Forest Foundation.

7. Hope Bridges’ fair-trade coffee benefits underserved Thai children by providing food, clothing, education and basic health care. Beans are processed by a hill tribe cooperative, which helps local farmers.

8. Heifer International  – Who doesn’t like chocolate on Valentine’s Day? Purchase ethically sourced dark chocolate sea salt caramels that help lift small-scale Ecuadorian farmers out of poverty.


Happy Valentine’s Day!!


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