Seniors love your artwork! Brighten walls – and smiles – at the local senior center.
Got a favorite game? Teach it to younger kids.
Win brownie points! Organize canned goods at home and take extras to a food pantry.
Got talent? Share it!
Your old backpack needs a new friend…donate it!
Gather up outgrown, gently worn shoes and clothes for your local Salvation Army, Goodwill, church or synagogue.
Party leftovers? Local soup kitchen guests are gonna love ’em!
Neglected stuffies in your room? Little kids at shelters are aching to cuddle them.
Like a challenge? Your game board skills are in demand at the senior center.
Friend forgot their snack? Share yours!
Read aloud to little kids at the library – they’ll love you!
Dust off your old – but still good – books and give them to your school library.


It’s your birthday! Give a gift to someone in need.
Share your lemonade stand $$$ with your favorite worthy cause!
How about a toy drive for kids stuck in the hospital?
Get a haircut! And give your ponytail to Locks of Love.
Got old sports equipment? Bring it to your local Parks & Rec!
Calling all chefs! Bake cakes and donate the proceeds.
Feed your furry friends at the animal shelter…drop off a bag of food!
Time is precious…share a bit of yours to help others.
Kind words lift spirits…give a compliment and lift yours too.



Compost your fruit and veggie scraps…and watch your garden BLOOM!
Help save a gazillion disposable water bottles…reusable bottles rule!
Save a tree! Use both sides of your notebook paper.
Reuse, recycle. Reuse, recycle. Reuse, recycle. Got it?
Keep the earth cool…walk, bike or use public transportation.
Got energy? Pick up trash! Remember: wear gloves & work with an adult.
Your town doesn’t recycle? Yikes! Create a program now!
Nourish your neighborhood green spaces…grow a community garden.
Like clean air? Grab your friends and plant trees.
Drat those petroleum-based plastic bags! Use fabric bags instead – for everything!
Buzz your town selectmen for more neighborhood trashcans and recycling bins.
Want to save energy while leaping tall buildings in a single bound? Turn off the boob tube and play outside.
Love surprises? Plant fall bulbs and flower seeds…and keep a weather eye for spring blossoms!
“Turn off the lights!” Make switch plate reminders for your whole house.
Save water and tons of $$$ – turn off the water when you brush teeth!
Keep sturdy takeout containers for future leftovers.
Transform colorful magazine pages, comics and more into artful projects and gift wrappers!
Learn how to donate/recycle old computer stuff & post instructions (with permission!) at your local electronics stores.
Breathe in nature…turn off the AC and open a window to the world.



Whip up your favorite yummy snack and present it to a soup kitchen!
Love history? Visit folks at the senior center and ask about the amazing things they’ve witnessed.
Want to change the world? Practice random acts of kindness.
Keep your brain sharp and boView Postdy strong. Ask for healthy lunch options at school.
Say “thank you!”…’tis music to your teachers’ ears.
Seeking positive change? Ask your local government officials for help.
Lead by your good example.
New kid at school? Eat lunch with them!
Volunteering? Invite your nearest and dearest along.
Have an older neighbor? Rake their leaves or shovel their sidewalk!
Need a cat or dog to snuggle? Visit the animal shelter.
Help end poverty. Check out the UN Millennium Development Goals online.
Make soldiers smile…send letters & goodies!
There’s nothing like a warm hug…share one today.
Show gratitude and write thank you notes!
Get fit and have fun…start a neighborhood exercise group.
Eating healthy? Partner up to share knowledge, tips and encouragement.
Share a home cooked meal – and cheerful chat – with a homebound person.
Got a big idea? Launch it with a community event!
Friend on a mission? Help them!
Tummy grumbling at the grocery store? Buy a canned good for the food pantry box

See somebody struggling with heavy bags or boxes? Lend a hand.
Active voters make our country great. Ensure adults in your life are registered!
Adorable pets await loving homes! Where? The animal shelter…tell your friends and family!
Brighten the world…smile often!


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