Millenials are growing-up and starting families. Are they redefining parenting?

Approximately 40% of millennials, a group of more than 80 million, are parents today. This generation, widely recognized as those born between 1980 and the early 2000’s, is often stereotyped as living in their parents’ basements and demanding participation trophies for everything they do. However, many live on their own once becoming parents, and along with these traits comes a shift to a more liberal stance on cultural and societal issues and a greater dependence on technology.

Millennials are the new generation of parents. They strive to integrate their children into their lives and not become different people once they have a family. They expect accommodations to be made for their kids so they can continue to enjoy their lives without giving up favorite activities.They turn to the internet for parenting advice instead of family, and document their children’s lives on social media. Men take on more active roles in daily parenting, while women demand work equality. Entrepreneurs may share office space where affordable child care services are in place.  More services/products are needed in the home to accommodate busy schedules that are easy and fast to obtain digitally. The word “family” seems to have a meaning for millennials quite different from past generations. For example, the term incorporates various parenting choices such as one parent families, same-sex couples raising children, and friends living together to co-parent children together. To many millennials, family simply refers to a home where children feel comfortable and loved.

Millennial parents tend to want to raise their children in a world that provides fairness and freedom in their fast paced worlds. Many of the changes are positive. Others perhaps will prove problematic. What are your thoughts?





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