Kids should be nice to mommy so mommy is in a good mood and will be nice right back!

What does NICE mean?
The dictionary defines NICE as:

Pronounced “nīs”
1. Pleasant, agreeable, satisfactory
2. Good-natured, kind
3. Fine or subtle

My daughter’s definition is a little different. She defines nice as:
Letting your child have what she or he wants whenever she or he wants it.

“You’re not being nice to me!” my daughter said to me.
“Be nice to Mommy and she’ll be nice to you,” I replied.

And that’s how it started …not being nice meant my daughter was not getting her way. I’m not exactly sure why I referred to myself in the third person at that moment, but it seemed to work in the situation AND easily translated into the title of a song and later my CD. As new occasions to “be nice” occurred, the lyrics to this song seemed to write themselves.

“Be nice to Mommy and she’ll be nice to you. Just do what your Mommy
asks you to do. If you’re not nice to Mommy, then she won’t be to you
and you won’t get to do all the things you’d like to do.”

The beauty of this song is it eliminates nagging by making your point in a fun and memorable way. You can sing it to the kids, or teach them the words and sing it together. If you are like most moms, sometimes it is hard not to lose your temper with your children. A singalong can be a wonderful distraction and help prevent an explosion on either side.

Try it – and let us know how it works!


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