mommy speed dating

I love the idea of Mommy speed dating! I remember very well the extreme loneliness I felt after having my first child.I had plenty of friends, but not with kids. I wanted and needed a friend or two who were in my same situation, people with whom I could hang out and celebrate the joys and difficulties of motherhood.

I had few opportunities to meet other moms with my busy work and home schedule, and when I did it was awkward. Joining a playgroup or a Mommy and Me class is a good way to meet other parents, but I didn’t necessarily feel I had common interests and/or parenting styles with them. I wanted to try to spend time with those I met outside of the groups to get to know them better, but I was unsure of myself and didn’t want to appear desperate.

I was looking for comfortable and supportive friendships. People who I could be myself around, not just anybody who had a child that was willing to spend time with me. Easier said than done.

I read about “Speed Dating” for moms to connect with other local women in an environment that’s light and fun. Where was this concept when I was a new mom? I was familiar with speed dating in general, but not with the idea of using this activity to introduce moms. What a great idea!

The thoughtful and intentional approach incorporated into this type of event allows for real conversation, albeit short, and eliminates the need for a lot of small talk. “Speed Dating” for moms is not offered everywhere, but the concept is growing. Google “Speed Dating” for moms in your local area to find if one is available near you.




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