We’ve turned each verse of some of our  songs into a page for children to color. Encourage creativity while teaching the lessons from the cd! COLORING PAGES ARE FREE!!

We will go through each song on the CD starting with the title track, “Be Nice to Mommy”.


1) Click on the thumbnail to enlarge coloring page
2) Right click and highlight “open image in new tab”
3) *Print
6) Provide children with brightly colored crayons 🙂
7) Encourage creativity by telling the kids to add to the pictures and to NOT worry about staying inside the lines!
8) Once all verses are printed out for each song, staple together to create a BOOK!


Song 1: BE NICE TO MOMMY Coloring Pages

Click to enlarge image



Song 1: WASH YOUR HANDS Coloring Pages

Click to enlarge image








Check back often as we will add coloring pages frequently!