pinterest trends for parents 2018


Pinterest is big on ideas for little ones. It has more than 2 billion ideas and is a huge help to moms and dads. One in three parents use Pinterest and because they’re always on the go, and say they couldn’t live without the app. We’ve seen huge increases in sales in the following categories since last year:

Toys from trees: Branch out from plastic with more au naturale options for the toy trunk (saves for “wooden toys” are up 173%)

Mod nurseries: It may be baby’s room, but it doesn’t have to be baby-ish (saves for “mature nursery” and “modern nursery” are up 85%)

Next-level nesting: New parents are tackling pre-baby bucket lists and perfecting the art of prepping for new arrivals (saves for “baby prep” are up 207%)

Say yes to yarn: Pom poms are at peak popularity—both rugs and mobiles are colorful, cozy and definitely DIY-able (saves for “pom pom decor” are up 444%)

Blankets but better: Weighted blankets are known for their kid-calming, sleep-inducing superpowers (saves for “weighted blankets” are up 259%)

• Perma-forts: No longer just for Friday sleepovers—forts are becoming part of the furniture (saves for “forts” are up 108%)

• Tiny trackers: Helpful apps and cheat sheets track everything from baby’s mini moments to big milestones (saves for “baby tracker” are up 58%)

Stick ’em up! Removable wall art never gets old—reinvent the room as the kids grow up (saves for “wall decals” are up 219%)

• Earth babies: Eco-friendly diapers, recycled clothes and planet-friendly materials are leaving a smaller footprint (saves for “eco-friendly clothing” are up 750%)

• Mom jewelry: Teething necklaces make a strong statement, but also give little ones something to sink their teeth into (saves for “teething necklaces” are up 146%)


Which of these trends do you think you will follow?




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