“Please bring her to school in a pull-up and some panties on Monday.” my oldest daughter’s preschool teacher said.


And so our adventures in potty training (or toilet learning) began. She had been potty curious for awhile. I bought her a cute character potty chair to sit next to the toilet, which she wanted to carry everywhere she went. She often sat on it fully clothed in a diaper. That particular potty chair had a lid that closed,and it became a step stool for climbing up onto the toilet once we bought a transitional toilet seat with an Integrated child seat. The potty-chair-step-stool then transitioned yet again to become the step stool for climbing up to use the sink when we purchased a real step stool for the toilet. Potty training went pretty well for my oldest until her twin sisters were born, at which point she seemed to forget everything she learned about the potty, but only at home! She was living a double life: carefree potty trained two–year-old at preschool and dirty diaper double agent at home. That is until one day when she decided that pooping herself was not the best way to get attention from mommy and daddy.

Play “Pull-Ups and Panties” to help with potty training:

Pull-ups and panties
We wear them every day
When we stop pooping in our panties
The pull-ups will go away.


What are your experiences with potty training? We’d love to hear what worked for your child!


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