Get Kidz Fit Fest

I only recently heard about the DACPCO (Dallas Area Coalition to Prevent Childhood Obesity). Apparently, this fabulous organization has been around for 10 years. Each year they sponsor the Get Kidz Fit Fest at Fair Park in Dallas to provide hands-on opportunities for kids and their parents to experience fun ways to incorporate physical activity and good nutrition into their daily lives. Physical activities include rock-climbing, an obstacle course, basketball, golf, Zumba, volleyball and rowing and so much more.

What is the Get Kidz Fit Fest?

The Fit Fest originally came about in response to requests from North Texas parents. They requested family information on nutrition and safe, organized and affordable physical activities for their children. More than 200 volunteers and sponsors engage participants in a range of healthy lifestyle activities on the day of the event.
The impact of the Get Kidz Fit Fest is great.. Families learn ways to make healthy foods and active lifestyles part of their children’s lives each day. New skills are learned that can be practiced at home.

The Kidz Fit Fest is a proven success. The event drew 23,000 children and families from cities in six counties over the past five years. Nearly 100 percent of youth participants surveyed want to attend the program again, and most planned to continue to exercise on a regular basis.

Obesity in Dallas

Obesity in North Texas and the U.S. in general is a huge concern. In 2011, 36 percent of Dallas high-school students were overweight or obese compared to 28 percent of other students in the U.S. An overweight adolescent has a 70 percent chance of becoming an overweight or obese adult. Additionally, type 2 diabetes increases dramatically with obesity. The program initially targeted North Texas families, but welcomed people from other areas to attend as well as it grew.


Kenneth H. Cooper, M.D., M.P.H, Founder and Chairman, Cooper Aerobics Center, stated, “We must immunize children against obesity early on to give them a chance to start out right. The good news is that we can incorporate activity and healthy eating into children’s lives at any age at any time and make a difference.” Get Kidz Fit Fest works to do just that. Read more about the April 2016 event and find contact information for volunteers and sponsors at



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