We comply with the European GDPR regulation

We do not sell your data

When you create a profile, your personal information (email address and name) is kept hidden from companies.
Only when you connect with a company your personal information is shared.

Companies can see your anonymous profile

Companies can see your anonymous profile without your email address and name. If you add personal information in descriptions, you might be identifIable. Also note that providing information like your work experience can result in being identified based on that information and other public available information. Companies on our platform promise not to try to identify a person based on his anonymous profile.

Right to be forgotten

The GDPR gives you the right to be forgotten. You can easily remove you profile whenever you want.
We will remove your profile from our hot database. We keep daily backups for the last 30 days. It will take a few weeks for your information to be removed completely.

Your account may be removed

We might remove your account. We do not guarantee you get notified. This can happen because of inactivity, or if we suspect the provided information is fake. If your profile gets removed, you can easily create a new profile.

External services we use

This is a summary of the external services we use:



  • Google Analytics
    We use it for optimizing the website.
  • Google Optimize
    We use it for A/B-testing.
  • Get Response
    We use it to send our newsletters


Siteground.com hosts our website

No external tracking
We do not use external tracking in our application.