Recycling is very popular with a lot of people. We are more aware than ever about how recycling can help us improve our lives and save our natural resources.

Every day, tons and tons of garbage is thrown away. Sometimes tossing an item is just easier than taking the extra step needed to recylcle. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if we all made an effort to reuse and recycle our materials? You may feel your small effort does not make a difference – but every little bit helps. Every effort contributes to the big picture.

Five Ways Recycling Can Help Our Planet:

Recycle to minimize pollution. We can decrease pollution through recycling and reusing garbage.Those who burn their garbage may not be aware they may cause harm to the ozone layer.  Burning trash also can produce harmful gases which lead to various health conditions such as asthma. Garbage thrown in the ocean affects our marine resources and coral reefs. Every time we reduce waste, we save the earth a little bit.

Recycle to help preserve our natural resources. Can you imagine how many trees are cut every day to provide the world with paper and wood? Recycle paper products like newspapers and books to save trees on earth. If we continue to waste our resources, we may run out of them.

Recycle to provide jobs. Did you know that recycling provides jobs?  People get an opportunity to work and earn money when communities invest in efforts to recycle garbage and other waste materials. Collecting, segregating, and transporting garbage to recycle them into usable products provide people with a way to help the environment and earn money at the same time.

Recycle to help create awareness.  A wonderful benefit of recycling is the ripple effect it has on the people. For example, when a school ventures into recycling, it might be adopted by the community and later on by a bigger organization. When people see others making an effort to recycle, they become more aware of its importance.  Peaople can work together to help save the environment in this way..

Recycle to saves expenses and resources.Recycling helps reduce the amount of materials thrown in landfills such as paper, plastic, glass and aluminum. By recycling these materials, companies rely less on raw materials, which require energy to manufacture a new product. For example, recycling plastic material requires less energy than to produce it from raw materials. This cost-effective and environment-friendly effort promotes fewer carbon emissions and less energy use.

Let’s all do our share and start recycling! Do it for your children.

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