Do you take road trips with your family in the summer? I dreaded those long car rides with the kids for a long time. I heard alot of “He’s touching me!” or “He’s on my side!” or even “He’s looking out my window!” That last one is funny; it was hard to keep a straight face while I reprimanded the accuser.

Now I make sure to everyone entertained. The kids still argue, but not nearly as much.

One game I really like is the license plate game. It’s simple and keeps the kids busy looking for license plates for all the different states. The Dating Divas created a printable list so you can easily mark off the states as you see them.  Download the list before you go!

The Dating Divas also include a list of 50 fun questions you can ask each other while in the car in the same download with the license plate game. Some of the answers you hear might surprise you!

The road trips are much more enjoyable these days. I now look at these car vacations as wonderful quality time together.

What do you do to keep everyone entertained on long car rides? We’d love to hear from you.


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