Dad Memories


With Father’s Day approaching quickly, I’ve been thinking alot about my dad. I have many sweet memories from my childhood that seem to surface at this time each year..

Thought I’d share just a few…

*Saturday nights at our house were really fun when we were young kids. All of us gathered around the coffee table in the living room where dad turned off the lights and read us Sherlock Holmes stories by candlelight.

*Our original family was 7, and now with partners and children we are 17, and of course we all have birthdays. We sometimes share celebrations for logistical reasons, but never a cake. Each person still received their own full-size decorated birthday cake. complete with candles, name and sometimes a photo. Dad felt the effort and expense of serving multiple cakes was a small price to pay to ensure no one felt slighted having to share their birthday, even if much of the cake went uneaten.

*Dad came to watch me every softball game, both when I was a played and later when I coached. After every game we walked from the field to the nearby Dairy Cream where he bought each of us a vanilla soft serve cone coated in hard chocolate. The ice cream was wonderful, but the time we spent together even more so!

*Dad reminded me often when I was dating to carefully observe how the guy treated his mother. He said doing so would provide a good idea of how he might treat me when I grew older and more familiar. Turned out to be very good advice!

Most of my special memories were small moments in time, not the big celebrations. Do you have cherished memories? We’d love to hear your childhood stories. And if you are lucky enough to still have your dad in your life, share your memories with him too. You’ll be glad you did (and so will he!)

What traditions do you carry on with your own kids?



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