teach kids through songAn excellent way to teach kids is through song. Music is an effective, almost magical medium for learning. Words paired with music are easier to retain than simply listening to someone talk. How many of you still remember how you learned the “ABC’s”? I don’t know about you, but the “ABC” song is still with me as an adult. I can still sing every word.

Catchy tunes with clever lyrics are brilliant when it comes to helping kids with discipline, social skills, potty training and more. Music activates three different centers of the brain at the same time – language, hearing and motor control. Songs induce emotion, creativity and a heightened sense of awareness and mental acuity for most of us.

It’s fun to sing as a family. Some say singing together helps them feel connected to each other. Find a song or two to help with discipline to sing to your kids instead of nagging. You may find them singing along with you!

I write song lyrics for kids based on my experiences with my own children. Motherhood is wonderful, but it can also be exhausting. Isn’t it more fun to sing instead of yell?


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