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My latest project to to create a Thanksgiving tradition that my children will want to pass on to their own children. I’ve talked to alot of other moms to find out how they make this holiday special and memorable for their families. Below is a list of my 5 favorite Thanksgiving traditions I heard from other moms. I can’t wait to try a few with my own family!


 My 5 Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions


    thanksgivingThe “Grateful” tree seems very meaningful to me, albeit simple. All you need is paint, alphabet cereal and glue. To keep the mess to a minimum, have the kids paint trees on a piece of construction paper in advance. Three handprints made with green paint work really well for the top of the tree for the little ones. Older children may want to paint a more detailed version on their own. Ask them to make extras for other children who will be joining your Thanksgiving celebration so all can participate. Ask the kids to spell out 5-10 things for which they are grateful using the alphabet cereal letters and glue to their tree.Hang up the artwork for all to see! Pull them out next year to see the similarities and differences as your kids grow up.

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I love this idea. What’s better than Thanksgiving dinner? Thanksgiving dinner on Friday or Saturday using the leftovers! The mom I spoke with makes meal #2 an event in itself. She includes friends and neighbors, asking them to bring their leftovers too. The end result is a fabulous meal with different dishes and people.




thanksgiving stuffing

Another mom told me part of her family likes plain old traditional stuffing and others a sweeter version with added fruit. Each year they make two versions and vote on the favorite. The kids love to help find the recipes and prepare the stuffing. What fun!





chinese food at thanksgiving

Another wonderful suggestion was for an invited guest to show up with a dish that normally would not be part of a Thanksgiving meal. Curious items that showed up over the years included chinese food, fried chicken and pizza.The kids wait with anticipation to see what will show up!




read by candlelight

Sitting around the table after dinner reading by candlelight sounds magical to me. What a lovely way to end the meal. If Harry Potter books are not your thing, choose another. I think my family would enjoy Sherlock Holmes.

Every family is unique and so are their traditions.The important thing is to create lasting memories. What traditions do you enjoy for Thanksgiving? We would love to hear from you!


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