nature themed nursery

What’s the latest in parenting circles? You don’t have to follow these trends, but it’s always fun to know what moms and dads are talking about.

Below are the top 5 trends for this year:

 1. Nature Inspired Nurseries:

Less pink and blue (and even yellow), and more neutral colors with outdoorsy themes. Think trees, woods and animals. Check out Project Nursery for more ideas!

2. Old Fashioned Baby Names:

Classic baby names are back! Think about Ella, Amelia, Gene and Ethen. Do you have a beloved relative after whom you would like to name your child?  Look for other interesting old fashioned names at!

3. Essential Oils to Calm Kids

Help your child self-soothe with frankincense and lavender during a meltdown. Rub some on your palms and encourage your child to inhale/exhale the aromatic scent. Find other soothing ideas at Rocky Mountain Oils !


4. Box Subscription Services

Subscription boxes are very popular, and these companies are growing in leaps and bounds. Parents are beginning to realize they can’t do it all – and do it all well. Give yourself a break by finding a service that is helpful for you. Food, diapers, toys, even socks can show up at your door in a box once a month! If you are a minimalist, you might use a service that sends used (but clean!) age-appropriate toys that you exchange for others as your children grow. is a great one with treats for both mom and munchkin!

5. A Second Language

Age 2 ½ is the perfect age to expose your kids to a new language. Children soak up languages quickly and their bilingual talents will likely come in handy future travels or careers! Teaching kids a second language is not new, but is more popular now than ever. Check into for teaching kids 0-6 a second language!


Do you know of other trends for 2017? We’d love to hear from you!



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